Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fear of Spiders No More?

I found this spider living behind my door, close to the floor. I thought it was kinda cute. It was one of those daddy long legs species, the one with the teeny tiny body and the really skinny legs. Which, according the the world's most accurate source of information, aren't actual spiders but arachnids. Still as nasty and creepy though.

So there was this giant terminator ant walking across my floor and well, I wasn't sure I wanted it to live, but I didn't want to kill it. This led to me giving it a good smack with my sandal. Then, it was just there, seemingly paralyzed in the middle of my floor. Then I remembered Rick(that's what I named the somewhat cute spider I found behind my door). I picked up the ant and put it in the web. Rick finished him off for me and rolled him up in his web.

Just then, I liked Rick a little more. Even though I wanted to kill him, I decided to let him live for a while.

Well, today I went to the mall, and when I got back, Rick was gone. Yeah, my mom killed him. It was a very sad moment for spiders everywhere, but just when I thought my arachnophobia had died along with Rick, one of those wild, outdoor spiders popped into my room and... I freaked.

Boyfriend killed him while I went to higher ground and screamed. Damn spiders.

I used to have another pet spider too. His name was Bob and he used to live near the bathroom sink. I would feed him every morning before school. Then, one day, I came home and Bob wasn't there. Damn my mother and her spring cleaning.

I'll never have a spider friend again.

All right, so I promise to quit the spider blogs for a while. Really, no more. But stay tuned! I have a great post planned for all of you that is sure to put a smile on your face.

I hope.


  1. Yay boyfriend spider killing powers! I WIN!

  2. I am here to make a confession. I kill spiders while spring cleaning. My weapon lysol disinfectant. -face palm-


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