Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ice Cream Boss

For some reason, my dad would always give me 20 dollar bills when I was a kid. He didn't do this all the time. In fact, I usually had to beg him for money, do the puppy dog eyes, pout-y lips, the whole spiel. But when he did, I would always tell myself that I would spend it responsibly.

And then I heard that hypnotizing tune.

 Okay, fine. Ice cream "person"

As soon as that jingle hit our ears, my friends and I would run towards the jolly yum yum truck like a bunch of running bulls! The run was always one of the most exciting parts about ice cream. Nearly every kid in the neighborhood turned into professional athletes. I wasn't one of them...

Obviously, running isn't my thing.

Any 90's kid knows how cheap everything in the ice cream truck was. Most candy and chips were 25 cents or less. And the ice cream wasn't far off ever. I remember the most expensive thing being Luigi's Italian ice for a dollar. Yeah, buying that always made me feel special.

Well, when the ice cream was around, it wasn't about who was the fastest, or who could jump higher; It was all about who could buy the most junk. With 20 bucks, I could easily buy the most junk, and earn myself a little title I like to call "Ice Cream Boss."
The Ice Cream Man- Featuring me as the Ice Cream Boss
Yeah, I was like the mac daddy of frozen treats. All the kids, boys and girls, wanted me to be their sugah mama. Cause I had the green. I'd point at 10 or 20 things to buy and then I'd ask for a shopping bag. Yes, a shopping bag. You know what those are? Those are strictly for adults, that's what.

Now, I'd give away some to my good friends and skip all the way home, dying to throw my self on the couch, watch some cartoons, and eat my ice cream. Here is where my spending-20-dollars-on-ice-cream plan was somewhat flawed.

I walk in the door, bags in hand, looking adult, on the path to the couch when I am met by something unexpected...


She'd scream and she'd yell. But then I would give her an ice cream; coconut bar, her favorite. Slowly, her fury would disappear and the creature would sink back into the abyss that is the kitchen. And so, my plan unfolds as it should. : D


  1. xD I feel you. He never gave me 20 dollars lol, but he would give me 5. I used to buy an ice cream, one of those pixie dust sticks, one of those little green pouches with the candy stick and you would scoop up the powder inside of it, and then spend the rest on sour gumballs xD God, I miss those days.

  2. Oh man, and the little box of candy cigarettes! They were white, small and thin and the tip of it was red. Omg, I had forgotten all about those...

  3. I loved those fake cigarette candys. They were delicious! And the ones that were gum that blew smoke! Amazing. You know the littly box of candy ones are banned in the US now? Apparently, they're sending out the wrong vibes...

  4. Lmao! No wai. I didn't know. How sad... they were so fun.... please, I bought them all the time and am in no hurry to buy cigs. Stupeed Americahns.


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